2014 Focus Diversity Management : Gender&Generation @ work

Personal growth and new scenarios at work 

5 Generations , all together, at the same time.

At work, in USA in 2013 almost 1 of 2 is woman. In 1 of 4 families, the main source of income, more and more the only one, is guaranteed by the female workforce.

The impact of demographic and technological-digital innovations, quietly but deep inside, have changed the relationships and communication of mankind; at the same time are radically changing the work, the workers and business models around the world.

The most forward-thinking organizations strive to understand what ‘really’ motivates their employees. People of different ages, gender, culture have different motivations to do their best for themselves and companies in which they work.

Money today is no longer enough to ensure performance and sustainability of the business.

Nowadays talent management is not a matter of age, gender, culture … but a commodity to identify, develop and exploit more and more.

Values, communication styles, career goals, leadership styles and motivations according to gender or generation you belong to, are just some of what we’ll focus on in the workshop

In Focus Generation & Gender @ work, you can:

• learn more about Diversity Management as a new philosophy of HR management ,

• support business and align it with the new global scenario social and economic

• deepen generations and gender diversity at work as a practical scenario evolving individuals and organizations.

Case histories and  individual/organizational action plans enhance training
For more: contatti@generationmover.com