Calendar Corsi 2014

Events of intensive training and focused learning Training Coaching Generations , 18 CCEu, training recognized and approved by the ICF: Participants will be able to develop and support new ways of managing and motivating people, fostering the growth of talent in the company , improve individual and organizational results, and draw a corporate welfare in step with the times. Case studies and scenarios to study / learning focus. The goal of the course is to add to the generational perspective to the ‘toolbox’ of those who daily exercise their profession through management reports and working groups, provide a focus on diversity as an opportunity and value for themselves and for the business, helping to trigger innovative approaches to human resources … Read More

Coaching Generations: The Challenge of generations in business

The forward-looking organizations are striving to understand the drivers of motivation of their employees, because the money is no longer the only driver . Not only that people of different ages, gender, culture … they have different motivations to do their best for themselves and the companies in which they work. Scientific researches say that the multi-generational factors are internationally recognized as one of the most important factors in the working world. Working with different perspectives on leadership style, learning style, a sense of authority, communication and values ​​means acting behaviors that lead to conflict or growth of individuals and companies. The ‘Reverse-mentoring’ is just one example of this: “… the traditional one-way street … to communicate and / or … Read More