Generation Mover designs and applies a systematic and methodological approach to enhance and use the generational differences in the company.

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The scientific research conducted around the world indicate that many factors related to productivity, motivation, achievement of objectives, performance, or to withhold valuable resources to identify high-potential, often depend on the awareness and capacity of leaders and managers dealing with people from different generations together.

There is a gap between generations that must and can be addressed (in all sectors) if we want this cohabitation becomes an including opportunity made transfer of knowledge, a better definition of tasks and roles, the development of a conscious leadership (also the theme of generational).

The analyzes and reflections carried out within the project Generation Mover aim to promote and develop awareness on the issue and the potential generation before then. This awareness can be the key to make this issue an ‘extraordinary intervention area, in which play an important part in the growth and success of a company.

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