The Generation Mover project is a training and consultancy proposal that leverages on the generational- age factor in the workplace.

Generation Mover in order to

Our help is particularly useful for:

  • Define and apply Age Management processes to exploit and make the most of the contribution of each generation
  • Support managerial succession plans
  • Involve and motivate employees in carrying out sustainable business plans
  • Stimulate and start the shift from competition to synergic cooperation both in teams and individuals
  • Trigger discovery, creativity and innovation
  • Sell to different generations
  • Work out new Compensation & Benefits policies, and company Welfare
  • Design recruitment and retaining processes on a generational basis
  • Talent management

The Generation Mover tools

Generation Mover builds up its activities in close collaboration with the customer, starting from what already exists in the company and then build a plane aligned to the objectives. Among the readily available tools below a selection.

A snapshot of the company set up in order to get a new perspective on the company demography and gather meaningful data to improve company processes and policies
For business:

Specific training to acquire a ‘ Generations Friendly’ perspective, with the aim of supporting personal growth and professional development, improving internal relations and business results

For HR professionals: Coach, Trainers, Psychologists, HR Specialists

In this training, besides getting specific information about the theme, participants go in depth into values, needs and expectations of each generation. The aim is that of improving the tools employed by each HR Professional, so that they can widen their training and development approach either as a consultant or as a company HR manager.

Effective Conversation Models to manage difficult, challenging, crucial, sparkling conversations!
A check-list to start from in order to work out your own, dynamic and functional conversation model
Double action of training and development on millennials working in the company and their managers to accelerate the integration in the company system and improve overall performance.

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