And now there are 6+1 of us!

Do you know your kids’ generational traits?

And the ones of your boss or colleagues?

What do you know about their perspective, their preferred relationship style, or  their patterns in managing time or money?
What kind of language may be more effective when you email or want to get an appointment with Boomers or X Gen?

If you want to find out more you can discover general traits about 4 generations: Builders, Boomers, X or Millennials in “Come gestire 5 generazioni in azienda”, you’ll find a general list of the most common characteristics in Italy and around the world, and cases histories in managing different generations at work.

About the last 2 –  Z and Alpha Generation – visit  FB Generation Mover and subscribe our bi-monthly newsletter to keep up with the future.

Coaching Generations,

Rome, February 2016, 24/25.