May 21 PWA Milan: The Challenges of 5Generations@Work

“Looking for meaning” is the new currency at work.

Progressive companies strive to understand the motivational drivers behind their employees, because money is not anymore the only driver. Not only that, but different people, of different ages, cultures, genders, have different their own motivations to do their best for their businesses at work.

Research says the multi- generational factors are internationally recognized as one of the most important factors in the workplace. Working with different perspectives on leadership style, sense of authority, learning style,, communication, and values means we can choose to clash and/or grow together.

Reverse-mentorship is just one of the examples of this: “… the traditional one-way street … to communicate and transfer skills … becomes a two-way thoroughfare where employees of all ages can learn from each other…!” adapted from D. Piktialis – 2009.

Come to explore new perspectives and finding insights to benefit from and enjoy our diversity!


Isabella Pierantoni, Executive&Shadow Coach, Facilitator

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