Z Generation around the world

Have generations the same characteristics around the world?

A subtle distinction is urbanization or access to tech. However it doesn’ t mean same similarities in all members of a generation, specifically you must be careful not to fall into bias or stereotypes

Many researchers observe Z generation will make a difference for mankind, for some of them Z Kids represents a sort of turning point. Many researchers are already at work to study behaviors, learning styles, purchasing decisions, technological preferences or consumption and a lot of other things. We talk about it and we’ll talk.

We suggest another aspect that represents and characterizes Z Generation, in some parts of the world:

  •     51% of the world’s refugees are children;
  •     this generation of children at 10 years, in some parts of the world, feels and thinks as he had 25;
  •     it is a generation who sees and imagines a future in which it will be a soldier, at best;
  •     many of them do not know there are thousands different jobs and professions to survive and live;
  •     there are boys at 14 who only know war skills.

It’s true that this generation has resources and potential unimaginable just 10 years ago, especially in the Western world. There are many ways by which you can build your vision and world philosophy, who is child today build his life idea through what he sees and he’ll try to realize that idea. Unfortunately, for some z kids is not always able to imagine the existence of a different world from what he experienced, for better or bad.
Responsibility to build a better world belongs to those who have more knowledge and more possibilities. Awareness passes here.

For some of Z Gen the world does not offer opportunities but only one chance.

The first step is to know.




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